How to Order

Place your order in a few easy steps :

1. File preparation

To maintain good efficiency in processing your order it's important for all audio and artwork files to be ready to send to us once an online order is submitted. 


Artwork should be designed according to our templates.  Final files should have template lines turned off, layers flattened and must be saved in PDF compatible format at 300dpi.  

All templates and artwork preparation instructions are available here: Vinyl De Paris Templates


*if you are sending us your own lacquers this section does not apply*

Audio files should be prepared in accordance to the following naming convention.  A1 (track name), A2 (track name) , A3 (track name)....for side A and B1 (track name), B2 (track name) , B3 (track name) for side B etc.  

 - Files should be in wav format and 44.1kHz/24bit sampling. Either one continuous wav file per side or individual track wav files is accepted*.

 - Please visit our FAQ + Mastering page for more audio preparation and specification details

*a detailed tracklist must always be provided with the audio files. This allows our cutting engineer to confirm the track count and to place the visual track markers while cutting. 

2. Submit your online order

- Choose your vinyl pack, desired quantity, extra options (if any) and add to your cart, then proceed to the checkout process

7" packs here : 7" products

12" packs here : 12" Products

 - Be sure to indicate all relevant details in each step of the checkout process such as vinyl color (for color vinyl orders) or any special requests in the notes section.

 - Very important: Fill in the tracklist section with complete track details such as individual track name and track time. Also indicate desired cutting speed as 45rpm or 33rpm for each side. If you are supplying cut lacquers from an outside studio the tracklist section does not need to be filled out.  Indicate 'supplied lacquers' for tracks A1 and B1.

- For color vinyl orders please indicate the color(s) in the comments section below the track list. Color vinyl images for reference are available here : please contact us

Important note about Color Vinyl 

Coloured vinyl, marble vinyl, splatter vinyl and eco-mix vinyl are manufactured using different compounds in comparison to those used for black vinyl.

As a result there may be more surface noise. This is specifically noticeable by a an increased in noise and static sounds (light clicks) in the lead-in and lead-out grooves, as well in the cross-overs and during quiet areas of the audio. In particular the colours gold and silver are more susceptible to interference as those compounds contain metallic particles.

Transparent and in particular lighter toned colours impose an additional challenge during quality control inspection where defects are near impossible to notice. Specifically for light crystal colors, standard transparent, solid white and ivory white. No claims with regards to crackling noise / clicks inherent to these materials/compounds or otherwise invisible during quality control checks will be accepted. 
Final color results may appear as different in hue depending on ambient lighting type, opacity of the material and record weight. 

For 12inch heavy weight pressings (180g), opacity and colour temperatures may vary. Apparent runmarks or minimal traces of other colours as residual granulate may appear on some copies as those cannot be completely removed in the cleaning process. Since coloured vinyl is sourced from various suppliers and made in batches, there may be some material variations between batches / suppliers. As well, some types may cause slight streaking. This applies in particular to Silver, Gold flake, solid gold opaque and for these no claim will be accepted.

3. Payment

- We will process your order and send you a pro-forma sales order within 2 business days

- A remittance by bank transfer is preferred however PayPal is also available

4. Send us your production files

 Once payment has been remitted and confirmed we are ready to send your order ahead. 

 - Pack your correctly named audio and artwork files in a compressed folder (either .zip or .rar).  Uncompressed files will be rejected.

 - Name your archive with the catalog number of your project.

 - Upload your production files via our WeTransfer account:

Reminder (please read carefully):

 - We will process all new orders with payment confirmed and uploaded files received within 2 business days.  An order's online status will remain as pending if any part is missing or until it is received on our end.

 - Turnaround time will only begin upon full confirmation of online order and reception of production files by Vinyl De Paris. 

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact