The process of preparing a vinyl or CD project can sometimes be rather extensive. It is entirely normal to have questions and we try to cover the most common ones on this page. 

1. What is the turnaround time for a vinyl order ?

Probably the single most asked question we are asked.

A: Our intention is to provide you with a time frame (turnaround) that is reliable and accurate.  The turnaround time consists of two stages once an order has been submitted.  After submitting an online order and sending us all production files (audio AND artwork) it can take roughly 3~4 weeks for your test pressings to be shipped. Once test pressings are approved your order will be added to the final pressing queue, then completed in the remaining weeks as per the estimated dispatch date indicated on your sales order document.  It's important to note that this exact time frame is not ironclad. The various steps in the vinyl manufacturing process are both complex and delicate, and in the some instances there can be setbacks and delays as a result of unforeseen circumstances.  However we can assure that it is always our intention to do the best we can to respect an estimated dispatch date for an order.  Vinyl De Paris is committed to manufacturing a quality product, therefore we will not compromise on this commitment by rushing through an order. 

To ensure proper production flow and respect of the turnaround times we require that all vinyl orders adhere to the following criteria :

Initial stage :

- online order submitted

- audio and all artwork files transferred to us.  ie: all production files must be in our possession

- full payment remitted and received.  A pro-forma sales order for payment along with our bank details will be sent to you within 2 business days after submitting an online order. 

- artwork proofs approved (where applicable). Important : Due to the heavy influx of orders, consequently the printing queue is very long. Estimate 5~6 weeks for print production from proof approval.

Test pressing stage (where applicable)

- test pressings approved within 48hrs of delivery

If any of the above criteria is not met, the turnaround time will be affected and prolonged.

2. How much audio can I fit on a side of vinyl?

A: The volume on a vinyl record is directly affected by the total time per side. The more time, the lower the overall volume.  These are the recommended times per side to be within the ideal range for best sound quality potential. Keep in mind that mastering quality will have an impact on the results.

Ideal times per side range based on a NORMAL CUT on lacquer:

                          IDEAL TIMINGS
Format/ speed    45 rpm    33 rpm
7 INCH    (17cm)    4min    NA
10 INCH  (25cm)    6min    8min
12 INCH  (30cm)    8min    14min

Format/ Speed    45 rpm    33 rpm
7 INCH    (17cm)    5min    6min
10 INCH  (25cm)    8min   18min
12 INCH  (30cm)    13min    22min

*Very long times per side are not recommended and inevitably have consequences on the sound.  One or several of these undesired effects can result from long times per side. A significant drop in overall volume, risk of distortion and higher surface noise etc. NO SOUND QUALITY CLAIMS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ORDERS WITH TIMES PER SIDE EXCEEDING THE IDEAL TIMING RANGES IN THE ABOVE CHART.

3. How should I prepare my audio for vinyl cutting/pressing?

AMastering is one of the most important aspects for achieving good results. We strongly recommend that audio be mastered by an experienced vinyl mastering engineer. Mastering for analog differs somewhat from mastering for digital, and these differences in will have a significant impact on the outcome. 

If mastering services are not available in your area, please contact us (patrick@vdp.paris) and we will gladly offer our recommendations for reputable mastering services.

4. What file specifications do you require for vinyl?

A: Audio sent in digital format should be submitted in WAV 24bit format.  44.1kHz or above  sampling are accepted.

5. Can I send my own cut lacquers for an order?

A: Yes, it's no problem to send in your own cut lacquers.  Please contact us directly (patrick@vdp.paris)  to make arrangements if this is your intention.

6. What is the minimum order quantity for vinyl?

A: The minimum order quantity for vinyl is 100pcs for 12" black vinyl / 100pcs for color 12" / 300pcs for 12" marble vinyl / 100pcs for black or color 7".

7. How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We try to offer the quickest turnaround times possible, however these can vary depending on demand, customer order preparation etc.  For the latest turnaround times, please see our main page or contact us

8. Do you ship internationally outside the EU?

A: YES ! We offer international shipping to all corners of the globe.  International shipping rates vary by country/location so we invite you to contact us for shipping rate confirmation prior to submitting an online order

10. Can I use any source material to press records?

A: Yes and no.  If the material is original and not copyright protected (registered with any performing rights organization namely the SACEM or SDRM in France or the rights association in your country), then there is no problem. However if the material or author(s), composer(s) have been previously registered with a performing rights organization (copyright protected), then it is not possible to press without providing official proof of licensing/authorization documents. 

11. Will the result on vinyl sound exactly the same as the master files ?

A: Yes and no.  Vinyl (analog) has its particularities and physical limits compared to digital. Many factors will affect the result, namely times per side, mastering, music genre and cutting type (DMM vs lacquer).  Clients must not expect a 1:1 result when compared to the digital master files but rather a warmer, unique characterful sound experience when using audio that is within the ideal tolerances. PVC material differences between black and color vinyl should also be considered to have a slight impact on the sound quality of a final pressing. Come color compounds can have a very slight effect on the surface noise noticed. 

Vinyl Mastering 

The topic of vinyl mastering can be a simple and/or complicated one due to the wide range of music types and variables that exist in recording. However, there are some basics that, when properly considered, can greatly improve sound quality potential when preparing your audio for vinyl cutting.

Whether new to vinyl or experienced, we understand the value in communicating and sharing our knowledge with the goal of obtaining better results for our clients. For any questions or advice with regards to vinyl mastering and audio file preparation, please contact us and our experienced team will do their best to answer you.

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